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Clean 'Hydraulic Battery' Technology
for the Energy Sector

The Efficient Way for All Green Energy Generation Alternatives

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Our Mission

Storing Energy the Efficient Way!

Renewable Energy (RE) can’t be applied usefully and efficiently without storage!

We offer:

  • Making green energy available for all, by providing the most efficient & reliable storage solution.
  • Three granted patents.
  • Short & Long-term energy storage.
  • Suitable solution for various applications from fast charging electrical cars to grid stabilisation.

Renewable Energy Production is more attractive now

  • Efficient

    90% following optimization

  • Affordable

    on-par with chemical battery cost

  • Reliable

    hydraulic-mechanical system, 25 year lifespan

  • Scalable

    10Kw - 10Mw

Potential Target Markets

  • Hybrid & Electric Transportation

  • Solar Fields

  • Wind Power

  • Rural Residential

  • Remote Telecom Tower

NRG covers the range of all
Utility-Scale Energy Storage Applications

Capacity Requirements
Discharge Cycles per Year
Applicable Technologies

Peak Pricing Arbitrage

4-6 hours

Bulk Storage


Advanced Batteries, CAES*, Pumped Storage

Generation Capacity

2-6 hours

Bulk Storage


Advanced Batteries, CAES, Pumped Storage

Transmission and distribution (T&D) Asset Capacity

2-4 hours

Bulk Storage


Advanced Batteries, CAEA

Frequency Regulation

1-15 mins

Ancillary/Power Service


Advanced Batteries, Flywheels, Ultracapacitors

Volt/VAR Support

1-15 mins

Ancillary/Power Service


Li-ion, Advanced Lead-Acid Flywheels, Ultracapacitors

Renewables Ramping / Smoothing

1-15 mins

Ancillary/Power Service


Advanced Batteries, Flywheels, Ultracapacitors

  • Peak Pricing Arbitrage
  • Generation Capacity
  • Transmission and distribution (T&D) Asset Capacity
  • Frequency Regulation
  • Volt/VAR Support
  • Renewables Ramping / Smoothing

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

Demonstration Unit

Serving as a proof of concept (POC) - industrial pilot!

Nitrogen container
3 Phases of 400 Volt

Technological Principle

Proprietary technology can store any type of energy in “Hydraulic Batteries” (accumulators). First, the energy is converted into kinetic rotational energy which operates a hydraulic pump that stores the energy as pressurized oil. Upon demand, a managed release mechanism is discharging the pressurized oil into a hydraulic motor that is connected to a generator, releasing the energy as an electrical current.

Our Solutions

POC General Info (Without optimization)

  • Off the Shelf components (Hydraulic pump / Accumulator / Hydraulic motor)
  • Current working Pressure: 250 Atm
  • Planned working pressure: 350 to 700 Atm
  • Current working efficiency: 80%
  • The POC unit Output: 40 KW/h in three phases of 400 Volt!

The NRG Team

Avri Misgav

Co Founder & CEO

30 years of executive global experience, including CEO of Netzer Precision Motion Sensors (Automotive sensing); Development Manager at ISCAR, CEO at Wish On Line Holdings Ltd (an incubator for technologies and early stage companies.) Avri holds a Water & Mechanical Diploma from the Technion & participated in 2 successful Exits.

Dr. Yony Weiss

Co Founder & CTO

Specializes in Energy Systems, Thermodynamics, Heat & Mass transfer, Ignition & Combustion of Solids, Waste Recycling and Minerals & Solid Particles handling. Former VP, Thermal CTO at IDE Technologies Ltd., CTO at Negev Industrial Minerals and CEO of Levgum Ltd.

Gideon Vardi

Business Development Manager

Professional Civil Engineer with over four decades of working on large structures, setting up manufacturing plants & developing International market especially in NA. Gideon is graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa Canada.

Yoram Fruehling

R&D Product Manager

Hydraulic Expert! Owner & CEO at Fruehling Driving Systems, Diploma Engineer in automotive engineering & a qualified engineer in Aeronautical engineering. Design & manufacture of multi-system facilities including: mechanics, electricity, electronics, control, hydraulics and computerization.

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